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August 2022 Update: Balancing enjoying life and achieving financial goals, Real estate vs stocks vs bonds, Types of social security benefits


We hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Our August update provides tips for balancing personal life and achieving financial goals, perspective on real estate, stocks and bonds, and information on different social security benefits.

Strategies for balancing family and financial security –How do you enjoy life to the fullest while making sure I have enough financial resources to comfortably live and meet my goals? The article lays out 10 strategies that may help balance things out.

Real estate vs. stocks vs. bonds vs. inflation from Ritholtz Wealth Management – How does real estate holds up versus inflation and other asset classes over time? The article highlights stocks have outperformed other asset classes over most time periods. Housing usually outperforms bonds when inflation is rising.
What type of social security benefit is best for you? - Social security provides retirement, spousal, disability and survivor benefits. This article provides an overview of each type of benefit. 

The articles above can be accessed via clicking the hyperlinks above or via going to your eMoney vault/articles folder.

If you objectives and/or financial circumstances have changed please let us know so we can update your investments and/or financial plan accordingly. 

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