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May 2024 Update: Election Year Investing, Taking Vacations, Extreme Heat Risk

We hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend. This month’s update covers a # of timely topics.

3 mistakes investors make during election years from the Capital Group – As the presidential election season heats up, it's good to view things from an investment perspective.

Extreme Heat is Deadlier Than Hurricanes, Floods, and Tornadoes Combined from Scientific American – A hot summer is predicted so here is valuable information on a threat that most of us underestimate.

Why a vacation is good for you – even before you take time off from CNN - The article provides a good reminder of why time away helps.

The articles have also been uploaded to your eMoney vault/articles folder so you can reference them later. 

Now may be a good time to catch up. If so, my scheduling link is:

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