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August 2023 Update: The Current Interest Rate Environment, Retiring Abroad and Coming Back From Vacation

I hope you have had a chance to relax and recharge. This month's update covers coming back from vacation, the current interest rate environment, and potentially retiring abroad. The articles are attached and they have also been uploaded to your eMoney vault. 

A Guide To Overcoming Post-Vacation Anxiety
- Odds are you have come back from a vacation feeling stressed. This article provides a valuable framework for returning to the office. 

The Great and Awful Thing About These Interest Rates From The Irrelevant Investor - Higher interest rates are often good news for savers and bad news for borrowers. This piece highlights how investors are enjoying earning higher interest income while borrowers are hurting from higher mortgage, auto loan, and credit card rates. 

Is Retiring Abroad a Smart Financial Move? - Are you considering retiring overseas? This note highlights the pros and cons of doing so. 

As always any feedback is appreciated and please let us know if you have questions.

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