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February 2024 Update: Taxes, Elections, Productivity and Charitable Donations

We hope February has been treating you well. This month’s update covers some timely topics. The article links are below while the articles have also been saved to your eMoney vault/articles folder for reference purposes only. 

New Contribution and Gifting Limits for 2024 from Charles Schwab - With the personal tax filing deadline around the corner, this handy article provides some timely and valuable data on contribution limits for IRAs/Roth IRAs/SEP IRAs, 401k/403b/457b & Roth equivalent plans, Health Savings Accounts, annual gift exclusions, lifetime gift and estate tax exemptions.

The Next President is Unlikely to Sink the Economy or the Stock Market from Hartford Funds - The US is increasingly a bipolar political environment. Some investors are worried that if the party they dislike wins the November elections this could mean bad news for the economy and stock market. History suggests the US economy and stock market have generally marched higher regardless of the political party in power.

Work reset: 13 tips to make your job less stressful this year from the Washington Post - The start of year provides an opportunity to reflect. This article provides some good tips on how you can be more productive and less stressed.

A public service announcement: Amplify Austin Day is coming up on March 6-7, 2024. It's a 24-hour online giving event that benefits over 700 local nonprofits from across Austin and Central Texas through You can donate to one, several, or even all of the nonprofits. The Amplify Fund allows you to give one donation that is divided between all the nonprofits through the Amplify Fund.

Many of these nonprofits are eligible to receive matches during the 24-hour giving period to make your gift go further. You can see matching benefits when you view individual nonprofit profile pages at Amplify Austin Day has helped raise $102.7 million for 1400 nonprofits over the last 11 years. It's a wonderful way to support nonprofits with a tax-deductible gift. 

This time of year I provide my firm's latest ADV Part II and privacy policy notice. These documents have been uploaded to your eMoney vault/Candor disclosures folder for reference purposes only. 

Now may be a good time to catch up. If so, please let us know when you are available or use my scheduling link:


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Consult your attorney, CPA, real estate, or insurance professional for advice in those areas. Links to third-party articles are for informational/marketing purposes only. 

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