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January 2023 Update: US Stock Presentation Link, Task Management Tips and Debt Repayment Strategies


I hope January is starting off well for you. This month’s update covers a few things.

  • My presentation to The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Austin and San Antonio Chapters is taking place on Monday, January 16th at 7 pm. The topic is The Challenges and Opportunities of the US Stock Market. If you would like to attend the webinar the registration link is here. Some of the areas I plan on covering are: 

    • How long recessions have lasted

    • How the stock market has performed during recessions

    • How much the US stock market has fallen during bear markets, how long bear markets have lasted and when the stock market has often bottomed out relative to the economy

    • Our investment return expectations for US stocks over the next 3-5 years

    • Where we see opportunities in the US stock market

  • Below are two articles that may prove timely this time of year.

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If you would like to catch up my scheduling link is below.

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