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June 2024 Update - Mega Cap Stocks, College Graduate Employment Data, Texas' Solar Boom, Beneficiary Designations

I hope June is treating you well. This month’s update covers a variety of topics:

Chasing the Biggest Stocks from Ritholtz – Mega cap stocks have performed well recently. The natural question is should you buy the basket of mega caps today? Ben highlights mega caps stocks are relatively expensive. He also cites history and argues that the best time to buy outperformers is before they reach mega cap status.

Half of College Grads Are Working Jobs That Don’t Use Their Degrees from Wall Street Journal – According to the study, 52% of college graduates took a job that didn’t use their skills or credentials within one year of graduation. Most of these graduates remained underemployed thereafter. The authors go on to emphasize that internships boost the odds of landing a good job and that the first job after graduation matters. Lastly, they highlight the percentage of graduates by area of study underemployed five years after graduation.

How red Texas became a model for green energy from The Financial Times - Did you know that Texas recently surpassed California in solar capacity and now generates more solar power than any other US state? Texas solar plant construction has boomed since 2018 due to improved economics. The ease of building and connecting new renewable projects has stimulated Texas’ renewable boom.

Beneficiary Designations: 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid from Kiplinger - The author covers a topic some of us want to avoid discussing: who gets what after we die. Please make sure you properly address estate beneficiary designations.

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