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March 2024 Update - Taxes, Real Estate and Investing


We hope Spring is starting off well for you. This month’s update covers some timely topics: taxes, real estate, and investment lessons.


10 Things You Should Know About Capital Gains From The Hartford Funds – With the tax filing season upon us this document provides a primer on capital gains.


What to Know About the New Rules for Buying and Selling Homes From The Wall Street Journal - The National Association of Realtors recently settled with consumer advocates. This article highlights some of the changes coming this summer.


Once America’s Hottest Housing Market, Austin Is Running in Reverse From The Wall Street Journal – Austin’s housing market is now showing signs of being weaker than most of the US. The article provides some data points.


20 Lessons From 20 Years of Managing Money From Ritholtz Wealth Management – We wrap up with some timeless investing observations.


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