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September 2022 Update: How what is going on in Washington D.C. may impact your finances

Thoughts on mid term elections and investments. Recent legislation may impact your clean energy purchases, Medicare drug costs and/or student loan debt.

I hope you are enjoying the start of fall.

Our September 2022 update provides a financial perspective on recent legislation passed in Washington D.C. and the upcoming mid terms. 

Five Ways the Inflation Reduction Act Could Save You Money from the Washington Post - Is now a better time to upgrade the energy efficiency of your house or buy an electric vehicle? The article also covers that Medicare prescription costs may become cheaper and that you may get a faster tax refund. 

Policy and Politics: The Fiscal and Midterm Election Outlook from JP Morgan-  How much should you focus on the mid term elections and what does this mean for your investments? The article does a good job highlighting:

  • Investment returns are usually lower and more volatile during election years as investors fear uncertainty

  • The presidential party (in this case the Democrats) will likely lose seats in the upcoming midterms and a looming question is whether they will lose control of the House and/or Senate

  • More political gridlock and less fiscal stimulus should be expected with divided government

  • Investment returns have been similar over the long term under both parties. 

8 million student loan borrowers will get automatic forgiveness. Here is what you need to know. from CNBC. - For parents and students this is useful information.

The articles can be accessed by clicking the hyperlinks above.

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