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December 2023 Update: Eldercare Cost Calculator, Dealing with food expiration dates, What to know about stock market volatility

I hope you are having a great December. Our monthly update highlights some interesting articles. They have also been uploaded to your eMoney vault/articles folder so you can reference them later. 

Calculator: How much does elder care cost where you live? from Washington Post – I regularly receive questions on the types of care available to seniors and the cost of different care settings. This article provides some perspective and a calculator.

Here’s Something Past Its Expiration Date: The Expiration Date Itself from Wall Street Journal – My loved ones regularly debate when it is time to throw something out especially when leftovers pile up around the holidays. This article provides some background and an opinion on what to do.

10 Things You Should Know About Stock Market Volatility from Hartford Funds – The article puts stock market volatility in perspective and highlights the importance of investing over the long run.

Now may be a good time to catch up. If so, please let us know when you are available or use my scheduling link:

Happy Holidays!

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